The Story

Two best friends from college, Simo and Kim, always joke about the squeaky yellow chicken, that was intended first for pets and became today a whole internet phenomena!

The goat was our favorite animal, as it's both very cute and silly (rectangular eyes and long tongue screaming like a human). Simo also grew up in Morocco amongst argan oil trees, where goats climb these trees to eat their leaves and crack their nuts.

The initial goal was to make people laugh. Kim is very involved in "disruptive education", and we both wanted to use this buzz for a social impact. Most of us have come from countries where we have been fortunate enough to take the lifelong gift of education for granted. In this area of Morocco, girls illiteracy is high due to the remote access to schools and parents not valuing education for girls.

We built YouGoatMe as a social business to give back to this beautiful area while making this world merrier with goats! We also made sure that the factory in China has all certification and meets ethical standards of treatment for their employees - and using responsible raw materials. For every purchase, we donate 50% of our net profit to Education for All, an NGO that builds and runs boarding schools girls in rural Morocco.

The Team

Simo Elalj Executive director

Native from Casablanca, Morocco, Studied computer science in Lyon and UC Berkeley.
Currently Managing director at RefurbMe and side-project hacker at Tonoid.
A focus on neat UX and great deals. As well as anythings that delights: travel, mint tea...

Mike Emery Communication and branding


Kim Chouard

Native from Aix-En-Provence, France. Studied computer science in Lyon and Shanghai.
Currently Education Program Manager at Salesforce.org
Fascinated by education, always experimenting with alternative ways to empower humans of all ages and backgrounds. Founder of Age of Makers, a non-profit that connects underserved students with the tech world by helping them to be independent learners.

Sonia Omar Fundraising and Communication at EFA Morocco

Sonia joined EFA in 2013 to assist with growing fundraising and communications. Her background is in international human rights where she worked on different campaign such as women’s rights, refugee rights and advocacy for large organisations including Amnesty International. She is passionate about empowerment and was drawn to EFA due to the simplicity of the model and its direct results. Her favorite aspect of this work is connecting with donors and sharing the personal stories and results of the girls at the EFA houses through social media.

Milan Drobac 2D Illustrations


Vladimir Nikolic 3D Design